Arranging & Composing 1 Test Out

E2 – Arranging and Composing I

Sondra Tucker

Three projects must be completed to test out of Arranging and Composing I.

  1. Write an original 8-16 measure melody for a 3-octave bell choir, then write a bass line for this melody, and, lastly, harmonize this melody using a good chord progression.
    Please show the melody, the melody and bass line, and the harmonization in 3 separate scores.
  2. Write a processional for a 3-octave choir.
    This processional must show the following:
  1. It must have good playable assignments for 10-11 ringers.
  2. It must have layers that can build from bottom up.
  3. The layers must have different, interesting rhythms that combine beautifully.
  1. Write an introduction and the A section of a 3-5 octave arrangement for one of these tunes: Duke Street, O Waly, Waly, or St. Anne. (Another tune may also be used.  For example, if the arranger wishes to use his/her original melody that is also a possibility.)
    1. After you have written the 3-octave arrangement, add 4th and 5th octave optional notes.   Your final project is a 3-5 octave arrangement.
    2. The arrangement should be in a proper key for the range of bells, it should have good form, have contrasting sections, and should use some handbell techniques effectively.

When you finished all 3 projects, send a PDF or Finale file to Sondra Tucker at

All three projects need to be deemed acceptable or passing, before credit will be given.